Top 3 Best Snapchat Spy Apps

Next to Facebook or Whatsapp, if any app stands as the most used social media app, it’s Snapchat no doubt. People of all ages use the app especially teenagers. Nowadays with kids being online for hours chatting away has made many parents restless. With Snapchat having so many features, it becomes nerve-racking to know what your kids are up to. If you are a parent who is concerned on with whom is their child chatting with then this article is going to be useful for you.

Hiring detectives to give you an hour by hour detail of where your kids are going and with whom is common, but what about their mobile devices. Gone are the days of phone calls, nowadays kids spend their free time on chats. When you pick up your kids phone to see the chats you find it’s empty. Oh so your child was not chatting or maybe they deleted the chat. Even the little youngsters are mobile friendly. Right from making a call to sending text messages to installing apps or taking pictures and videos and sharing on social media networks like Snapchat has got parent’s worried. Though all parents want to believe their child is not wrong, sometimes doubts arise in the mind and want to know what your child is up to is no big deal.


This is when parents wish they were software experts or hackers so they could know if their child is deleting the chat record’s or not. Technology keeps on inventing apps to help you so why not hacking as well. Yes, there are many apps to monitor Snapchat that you can use to hack or spy into your kids Snapchat account. All you have to do is install a Spy App on the desired device and sync it with your Snapchat account on the Spy Apps official website. Few steps and you’re ready to sneak into your kids chat records. Apart from parent’s, there are many spouses who want to check their partners chat records especially after they start avoiding conversations about their chats. Even corporate owners are using spy apps to keep a check on their staff to ensure no one is leaking any vital information out.

Now all this said, you must be wondering which app to install. Obviously, there are plenty of apps available to monitor Snapchat, but the more you’ll search the more you’ll get confused on which to download and which not to. Hence, we have made it easy and summed down to the Top 3 best Snapchat Spy Apps.

Top 3 Best Snapchat Spy Apps

  1. mSpy


mSpy App comes packed with awesome features that make it the best spy software app available. It is the most popular spy app available on the market and comes with features that assist you in getting the required information you want. If you are new to using spy apps then this is the best app as it’s very easy to use and understand. The reports are easy to access on any browser from any mobile device making it the top of the list.


  • Feature packed app at a minimum wage
  • Easy to use
  • Apart from Snapchat, monitor their Facebook and WhatsApp as well


  • Require to jailbreak your own IOS mobile device so you can install the spy software

2 Flexispy


Recommended by most parents and perhaps the most trustworthy app available in the market. This app is compatible with most of the operating systems available including Android devices. With this app, you not only get to read their chat records but view their pictures and videos as well.


  • Quite effective
  • Track emails
  • Track phone location by using GPS feature


  • Subscription plans are not less than a year

3  PhoneSherrif


Have you tried many spy apps with no luck? Look no further than PhoneSherrif. Get detailed information about each and every chat. Not just Snapchat, but track their email, keylogging, SMS and call records. In fact, there is a feature that sets it apart and that is its ability to track iPhones even without having to install on the desired device.


  • Added features that will assist you in keeping track
  • Get information in multiple formats like CSV and PSD


  • Call records and keylogging feature available only on Android mobile phones.

Yes, debates are on, on just how legal is to use spy apps to hack into your kid’s devices. Well, the answer is no. Well in most places, it’s considered an offence, there also if the device was purchased by you or if it belongs to your kid then you are at liberty of using spy apps. So till your kid reaches the age of 18, even the law is by your side, but once they are adults or if you want to spy on your spouse’s chat records or a friend’s then be careful as it could cause you problems.