SIM enabled DZ09 Smartwatch Review: Specs, Features and Price tips

In recent days, you might have noticed people rather than going for a smartphone, being attracted towards the smartwatch as it makes your wrist classy and smarter as well. However, smartwatch features go limited if you don’t have a smartphone to pair it with, but what if you get the phone inside your smartwatch, Isn’t it strange?

Yes, Recently I came across a smartwatch that comes with a SIM card that turns the smartwatch into a mini phone. Not only that, it is affordable too.


If you still have a doubt why people are so crazy about smartwatches, read the reasons why people are being attracted towards smartwatches.

It’s not a typical watch which can show time, temperature etc, this is a watch having the specifications of a smartphone. The old James Bond movies are filled with smartwatches where the protagonist uses it to communicate, well the modern-day smartwatches are very advanced than those shown in classic (old) movies.

The ongoing trend seems to showcase a new lifestyle in humans which presents the usage of gadgets in a unique way. Started with the displaying of messages, alarm settings, music player, notifications etc the smartwatch is gearing up with all the features that can be seen on a smartphone.

This gadget is wearable, light, waterproof(most cases), Anti-theft ( as you wear it all the time)* anti-allergic ( straps can be of premium quality), huge battery life and especially controlling of other gadgets with voice control. This is the change that every tech lover wants to see in the world and it’s already spreading to the entire world.

The best deal of DZ09 smartwatch we can find throughout the internet is on Amazon. They are offering 17% discount, which means you can get this gadget at only $15

DZ09 smartwatch Main Features:

  • Supports single SIM card (GSM)
  • It can call/answer the phone call ( using Bluetooth connectivity)
  • Easy sync between the connected smartphone and DZ09 smartwatch
  • Control the music player from your watch.
  • Take pictures from the watch itself, remote control your smartphone.
  • Sleep Monitoring– monitor your sleep quality
  • Pedometer– Record the steps and achieve your targets.
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Anti-lost/phone finder


DZ09 Smartwatch Specifications:

  • A 1.56 inch TFT LCD display supporting handwriting recognition.
  • 0.3 MP camera/remote control of smartphone’s camera is possible
  • TF card support (up to 32GB)
  • Powered by MTK6260A, 533 MHz processor
  • It has 128MB of RAM and 64 MB of ROM
  • Supports Single SIM ( GSM, micro SIM )
  • Bluetooth v3.0 connectivity
  • A 380mAh Li-on battery with a standby time of 180 hours and 5 hours of talk time

It is available in Copper and Silver color with a classic stainless steel pin buckle which is very convenient to take off and wear. Now let’s come to the price of this cheapest smartphone heavily loaded with features.

Smartphone paired up with Smartwatch is a common combo nowadays. besides the smartwatch, there is fitness band offering at low-cost but they have limited features, suits for some range of people but a smartwatch is a trendy, innovative and filled with all the possible features that you always wanted to see in a watch.