Samsung Galaxy S9 & Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review

Claimed to be a revolution refinement, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ have finally been released with immense improvement in their internal and external features. Not only do both support a low-light camera for better pictures, but a Super Slow-Mo video mode still remaining the sleekest of them all.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ Review 2

As much as Samsung tries to hide the fact of them trying to compete with the iPhone X, the AR creepy emojis can’t be denied still, Samsung has its fan flow. And of course, Samsung with it’s Galaxy S9+ is the best option for those who want to buy a big screen while the Galaxy S9 is full flagship power.

Design: Awesome then ever

Samsung deserves a pat on the back, as they have not changed the design and retained the edge-to-edge Infinity Display released last year with the launch of Galaxy S8. Yes, the bezels have been trimmed, giving you a more compact look.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ Review

The S9 comes in a 6.2 x 2.8 x 0.33 inches and S9+ in a 6.3 x 2.9 x 0.3 inches body. The S9+ is much heavier at 6.7 ounces then it’s predecessor which weighed 6.1 ounces, possible due to its new second rear-camera addition.  

Samsung has very efficiently shifted the fingerprint sensor below the camera, which even S8 users find disturbing. Even still, the reader sits closely at the bottom of the lens. Matter of fact, most end up switching to the iris or face recognition feature to unlock their devices.

Both the models are available in Lilac Purple, Coral Blue and Midnight Black. The black model is ideal for those who are business oriented, but if it’s personal then it might be a little blank color. So choosing the lilac purple or coral blue might be better.

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The Bixby button is on the left side below the volume button, so you have to be careful while pressing the buttons. Yes, the feature can be turned off, but you can not reset the button in case you require launching a new app.


If you remember vividly, the iPhone X reported supporting Samsung-made OLED screen, becoming the brightest indoor screen, out beating Samsung in their own product.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ display


Well, getting back at iPhone Samsung has brought Samsung Galaxy S9+ with a more curved display that brings you pictures much brighter than the S8+ that also with more color gamut than both Pixel 2L and iPhone X.

Yes, the S9 display packs a humongous 603 nits, way high than the 438 nits offered in the Pixel 2XL and 574 nits in iPhone X. Matter of fact, the S9+ is registered with 630 nits. Yes, for the nits to show their full potential, you will have to be outdoors, that also under sunlight. If you compare indoor display potential then the iPhone X wins again.

Looks like Samsung have put on their boots to put iPhone down as the S9 comes with a powerful color panel reproducing 220 percent SRGB color gamut, while the S9+ reproduces 231 percent. Both are way high then the iPhone X at 128.6 percent let alone Pixel 2XL which is nearly 120 percent.

We even did a side-by-side view test between the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Pixel 2XL. The results were clear. Samsung S9+ stood out as it presented the most beautiful image quality. The greens and blues were natural, while iPhone was extra bright and Pixel looked flat.

The curved panel at times does hinder in pressing the buttons and at times you need to press twice to register, but it’s worth the effort.


I have reviewed many devices overtime, but for the first time I decided to leave the Galaxy S9 with music playing and went on to my writing. And, have to say, really didn’t notice I was listening to music from a phone. My neighbours thought I bought a new music system.

Even listening to Alice Merton’s “No Roots”, was pleasing as the vocals were crystal clear. In fact, even the drums could be heard clearly. Compared to their predecessors S8 and S8+, the volume is 1.4 times much better. Even the Google Map instructions are clear. The reason behind this could also be the Dolby Atmos speaker technology used this time around.


The Galaxy S9 brings you the new SuperSpeed Dual Pixel camera that gives you 28 percent more light then it’s predecessors. The aperture adjusts automatically at f/1.5 to f/2.4, according to surrounding conditions.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ camera

The results of the picture quality are quite impressive. If you’re the type who loves to take 2x optical zoom images then the S9+ is definitely the device for you. The S9+ comes with the dual rear lens while the S9 has a single lens.

If you want you can try taking a picture of a pinata indoors, just allow some light to stream through the window. The picture will be perfect. The S9+, on the other hand, is great for pictures in a dimmer condition.

The video also brings a new feature-length Super Slow-Mo. Yes, this feature allows you to capture a 960 frame per second at a resolution of 720p.  

The S9 is quite smart and detects motion in auto mode, great if you are slow in clicking. Yes, if you want a particular moment in slow motion then suggestions is to use manual mode. Like if you want to capture someone dribbling a ball between their legs- manual mode it is.

AR Emoji

No need to be jealous of other devices emojis as Samsung has come up with AR emojis. With the S9 you can click your selfie and create a 3D avatar, much like the Bitmoji type.  You can create your own gallery and share on your social media networks. Yes, little more personalized effects would have been better.

Using the AR emoji feature you can record videos as well, the outcome will be freaking so unless you want freak other’s out, suggest not to use this feature.


Though Samsung has finally come up with a punch to Apple’s Face ID, still requires a little perk up. The new security is a combo of an intelligent Scan combined with facial recognition and iris scanning. All through this, only then your device can be unlocked. Another good news,  no need to touch the screen. Yes, as said little perk up needed, not as good as the Face ID.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ Review 5

Now if you mention directly- someone can unlock your device using something that resembles you. Literally means anyone can open your phone using even your picture. So the security is still under a question mark.

Also, you will be prompted to hold your device in an upright position. Though I really don’t understand how upright they want cause it doesn’t stop easy. The IR sensor pulsate is also discomforting. The disclaimer also says not to use the feature on infants.

Now if you are worried, relax just use the fingerprint feature to unlock.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processors and 6GB RAM, do you need be told anything else about this beast. Same with Samsung S9, just RAM is of 4GB.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ Review 4

I played Tekken with 16 other apps open behind, not once did the device hang or give any issue in performance. The A11 Bionic chip is the fastest around that powers the iPhone devices. Samsung is well on their heels. In a test to export a video, the S9+ took 2 minutes 32 seconds while S9 took 3 minutes 29 seconds.

Yes, in opening games, the Samsung Galaxy could use a little more speed if they want to beat their competitors iPhone X.

If you want to compare the 3D Mark Sling Shot benchmark, then the Samsung Galaxy S9 gives a score of 5,739 compared to iPhone x at 3,998.

In terms of 4G LTE network performance, Samsung Galaxy S9+ wins all the way. You can check for your self on app. Samsung easily averages 71.6 Mbps download and 10.1 Mbps upload.

A big no that is perhaps the biggest downfall for Apple is they don’t support external storage. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ comes with 64 GB storage and an external micro SD card slot that allows 400 GB extra storage. Now that’s a wow.


The software runs on Android 8.0 Oreo. The edge panel with its series of right side shortcuts is all Samsung trademark. Yes, one feature ti reckons with is the App Pair feature which actually allows you to open two apps side by side or even top-bottom, as per your convenience. You can pair ema and Facebook, for those who want to work and enjoy some posts on the way.

Bixby is hailed as the hallmark feature if the Samsung Galaxy flagship and why not, after all, it’s Samsung’s digital assistants. It comes with some improvements from its launch when introduced on the S8.


If you are an office goer, tension not as the battery of the S9+ is a long runner and lasts the whole day on full charge. As per the Tom’s Guide Battery Test, with continuous 4G web surfing the S9+, lasts a full 10 hours 59 minutes, which well as per me is awesome. The S9 ran 10 hours 52 minutes. Now, what more could you ask for?

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ Review 7

Overall, both devices have their perks and few downs, but then which device doesn’t. Till date the perfect device is yet to come so generally, this review is intended to give you a hint of what to expect. Nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed with your buy.