What is Project Fi, How it Works and Whats Interesting? Explained

It was truly just a short time, isn’t that so? Having the world’s most famous site then releasing in beta a project for super quick internet called Google Fiber, and having a standout amongst the most well known versatile working frameworks on the planet, just bodes well to then launch a wireless service provider.

Project Fi is Google’s moderately new Wireless carrier that plans to streamline billing and make a system that can flawlessly utilize LTE data and additionally using Wifi for administration.

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How Project Fi Works

At the point when utilizing the Project Fi SIM card that comes via the post office after you apply for service at the connection underneath, your telephone will change naturally from T-Mobile’s towers and Sprint’s without you knowing. Presently ordinarily Sprint utilizes CDMA and T-Mobile uses GSM, two very surprising and contrary advances.

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The truly fascinating thing here is that the phone is utilizing the one innovation that both transporters use for every one of the calls and data— LTE. Right now, most bearers use LTE exclusively for data with some dallying with utilizing it for voice. Project Fi really transforms your texts and calls into data benefits so it just uses data and in this way works fine with both transporters. Past that it’ll additionally interface with Wifi as said and consistent permit you to switch between and also make and get calls through it all.

Its not a new idea at all, as Skype, WhatsApp and different services that accomplish something comparative have existed for quite a while, yet the distinction here is it’s all utilizing your typical PDA number, no user names required, and it’s consistent.

Project Fi Pricing

Google asks $20/month for their unlimited voice and text and for data, users need to pay $10/GB after that. Bonus though, if you don’t use the full data you allotted for the plan, you get a credit for the unused amount of money on your next bill. So if you choose to have 2 GBs of data you plan costs $40/month, but if you only use 1.2GBs that month, you’ll get about $8 credit on the next bill.

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Limited Phones

The big problem here is that it works only with these 3 phones: the Nexus 6, 5X, and 6P. According to Google, because they have specific radio antennas that let them to seamlessly transfer between the networks as well as something that makes the special Project Fi SIM work properly.

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The fact of the matter is that, because of the phones, unless you plan to only own Nexus phones for the foreseeable future, there probably isn’t a reason to get Project Fi. But as the name of it implies, “Project” Fi, is just that for Google; an experiment of sorts and frankly it’s an important one.

Why Project Fi is Interesting

With data consumption on the exponential rise and the plethora of apps that are attempting to move us further and further away from traditional SMS and calling (iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.), a phone network built solely on data is inevitable.

Just as the cable companies are realizing data access is all we’ll eventually need from them and are slowly going to have to become simply internet providers, phone carriers will simply become the mobile internet providers.

With that in mind, Project Fi is an interesting look into the future of mobile carriers and with the automatic switching between WiFi and cellular data, we have the further blurring of lines of our already constantly connected world that will undoubtably be important in the coming years.

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