Moto Tops in Releasing Android Updates, See Where is Your Brand

If getting the most recent Android Updates matters to you, the go-to alternative is generally Google’s own particular Nexus phones, which get the most recent upgrades from Google when they’re discharged.

Android Updates
Android Updates

In case, if you don’t favor Nexus cell phones, you do have a couple of different alternatives, as some smartphone manufacturers push Android updates quicker than others. Research firm Apteligent published a report that ranks how quickly six of the biggest Android smartphone makers pushed the latest Android 6.0 update to phones running Android 5.0.

Moto Tops in Releasing Android Updates, See Where is Your Brand;

1. Moto

Moto X Force Review
Moto X Force

Apteligent clarifies that while Motorola was the quickest among all brands to air the Android 6.0 update in November 2015, it released it to its flagship smartphones first, like the 2015 Moto X and other Moto series devices across all regions.

Not only that, Motorola then released the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to a wider range of its devices two months later towards the end of December 2015.

2. LG

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Like Motorola, LG initially revealed the Android 6.0 upgrade to its LG G4 leader device, with the exception of it did as such somewhat later in January 2016, around three months after than Motorola.

LG started taking off updates to more compatible devices around a month later in February 2016.

3. HTC

HTC One M10 Specs
HTC One M10 Specs

HTC additionally started pushing the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update in January, and Apteligent takes note of that it pushed out the overhaul to all its good devices from the get go.

These other Android telephone creators discharged Android 6.0 overhauls a couple of months after the fact.

Samsung, Sony, and ZTE all released their Android 6.0 updates five around March 2016, months after Motorola did, and about two months after LG and HTC.

It’s not clear whether these phone makers will be just as quick with the upcoming Android 7.0 update, but we at least have an idea of which ones release updates the fastest.