How to Root Oppo R7 Lite With OneClick Root tool

Going through a number of root guides over the internet for the other R7 devices from Oppo but not getting any proper one for your R7 Lite will probably make you feel a bit frustrated, but you shouldn’t worry as there’s always a time when things go right, and this time to root your own Oppo R7 Lite.

Yes, root access has been achieved on the Oppo R7 Lite. Once after getting the root access on it, you can unlock a new way of customizing your Android device. As there are many advantages, i have listed few of them in this post.

How to Root Oppo R7 Lite With OneClick Root tool
How to Root Oppo R7 Lite With OneClick Root tool

Benefits of rooting

  • With the help of root access, one can remove those apps which are pre-installed by your network provider or by manufacturer.
  • Because of rooting you can also get the free storage space, rooted apps are available for efficient memory management.
  • After rooting user can also update their phone to the latest version of Android (by flashing a custom recovery/ROM).
  • It provides customization options when you use your new administrative rights to flash a custom ROM (again, see the end of this procedure for more info on that).
  • Rooting also increases the battery life of the Smartphone because those running constantly can be removed).

In order to do any of the aforementioned tasks, you need root, and here’s how you root Oppo R7 Lite.

Things to be Done

  • You must have the backup of your device’s data so that if something goes wrong, we can get the device in working condition back.
  • It requires a working Windows PC to get started with the process mentioned below.
  • You also have to download the Universal USB Driver on your PC that helps your device connect to the PC easily.
  • This method can only root Oppo R7 Lite (R7kf) device.

Files to Download

II. Downloading Required Files

  • Download Fastboot and save it to your desktop.
  • Download Oppo Tools APK and save it to your desktop.
  • Download Custom Recovery and save it to your desktop.

How to Root Oppo R7 Lite With OneClick Root tool

  1. Thing you have to do that first, is to connect your device to your PC using the USB cable you have got.

2. As you have downloaded all the files in your PC, Transfer the Oppo Tools APK internal SD card storage on your device.

3. Remember the folder where you copied the apk file, now disconnect it from your PC and go to the folder and tap on the apk file. It might ask you to turn on the Unknown Sources features that allows you install apps directly.

4. Head to Menu > Settings > Security and turn on Unknown sources.

5. Launch File Manager and tap on Oppo Tools APK to install the app on your device.

6. When the app’s installed, launch it from your app drawer.

7. Tap on the Common tab in the app.

8. Tap on the Root button.

9. Tap on the One Key Root button.

10. Wait for a sec and get ready to be amazed, You are now rooted.