How To Get Your App Ready For The Market

There is a huge, thriving app market – there are currently over 2 million different apps that you can buy from iTunes and Google Play. However, it is a very competitive market to get into. With a whopping 197 billion apps downloaded every year, you have to be on the top of your game when it comes to marketing. Here are some tips to get your app ready to bring to the wider world.

Have the perfect app pitch

Your app store pitch needs to be extremely solid in order to catch the eye of the customer. This means that the app name needs to be identical to the one in the store, or it makes it difficult to find. A concise paragraph should tell people exactly what the app does and who it is targeted at. You should also make it clear why the app is different from the other ones on the market – there must be a unique selling point, or people may purchase a competitor’s app. Make sure you include a couple of screenshots and a short video – preferably no longer than around 30 seconds. These are key to showing the customer how user-friendly your app is. And of course don’t forget to include the cost, as well as how much any in-app purchases are. These details need to be transparent.

Spread the word

Of course, social media is your friend when it comes to marketing your app – it’s a great way to advertise for free, and it definitely wouldn’t hurt offering a promo code in return for likes and shares. To put together funds for your app launch, it is worth taking your app to pitch events and networking opportunities within the tech community. They are excellent opportunities to get advice on PR, often for free – you won’t need to take out a loan, or put money up upfront. Some of the agency insights can be invaluable. In the long term a PR agency will be able to add massive strategic value to your campaign – but in the early days, you can easily propel your product in a good way.

Get in touch with bloggers

Do your research and get in contact with the bloggers and journalists that review apps and technology on the same theme as your own app. Personalize your pitch to them, so that they are certain that they haven’t been contacted randomly. Twitter is a great place to obtain contact details to try and get bloggers to review your app.

Marketing your app is the key to getting it sold. You should aim to get people talking about how invaluable your app is to their lives.