How to get Premium Netflix Account for Free

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services in the world. There are lots of movies and TV series available on the website for streaming. Now, Netflix is available in India. This means that Indian users can now easily access Netflix by using their usernames and password.

How to get Premium Netflix Account for Free
How to get Premium Netflix Account for Free

In this article, I am going to list out some of free username and password for accessing Netflix Premium Accounts for free. If you want to watch some of your favorite videos on Netflix, just follow the steps given in the article and enjoy without any tension.

For watching TV series and movies on Netflix, you must have a premium account that you can get by purchasing them. Netflix offers multiple packages, you just have to select package based on your needs. Now, Netflix is available in India, which means many people are looking for free accounts, so I am going to list of few usernames and password for accessing Netflix without paying any money.

Netflix offers free trail packages for one month for new users, but you have to add your credit card if you want to continue watching your favorite videos on the Channel. Once, you add your credit card to the account, your monthly charge will automatically be deducted for the second month. But if you are looking for free Premium accounts, you are at right place folks. You can generate any number of account by register to the site mentioned down below;

Free Netflix Accounts –

Here is the procedure to Generate a Premium Netflix Account for Free

How to get Premium Netflix Account for Free

You can even generate a premium account through the following websites. 90 percent of the accounts generated through the websites are working fine. If you are looking to generate a free premium account of Netflix, you just have to follow the steps given below. You can create your own account, if the above free accounts don’t work for you.

Steps 1: Go to and register there.

Step 2: Login to your account and click on “Free Netflix Generator” given in the left menu.

Step 3: finally, click on “Grab an account” and wait till it generates your account.

Now, you can use the generated account details for logging in on Most of the time accounts created by this works. But your account doesn’t work, click on “Grab an account” again and then use the new details.

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You can also create your premium account by paying few bucks by clicking on purchase your own package.