Get Pixel Features on OnePlus 3/3T with Pixel Experience ROM

OnePlus 3 was arguably the best smart phone in the middle -range market and it even gave the likes of the Samsung Galaxy s7 and Google Pixel a run for their money based on pure performance. The OnePlus 3T was introduced late last year, carried on the excellent experience provided by the OnePlus 3. There is no doubt that these devices were among the best of 2016.

OnePlus 3T

You must be happy with the feature when you bought the handset, but now that you have seen that Google Pixels phone may be possible you wish to experience it but your pocket won’t let you. Well, with a bit of careful research and risk, you sort of can. At least the software side of it. You can now easily enjoy to the all Pixel apps and features or functions on OnePlus 3 /3T with Pixel Experience ROM.

The Google Pixel Experience ROM has been developed by XDA recognized contributor,  It is based on LineageOS. It’s included the latest February securities patch and as the name suggests, all of the Pixel bells and whistles from the boot animation to the Google Assistant.

Pixel Experience ROM Features

1) Based on the latest Lineage OS
2) February Security patch
3) All Google AppsPixel Launcher with round
4) Icon supported
5) Pixel Boot Animation
6) Pixel Sounds quality
7) Pixel Live Wallpapers
8) Pixel’s blue accent
9) Google Assistant
10) Root is included (you have to enable it from the dev options)
11) Round icon in Settings
12) OnePlus’ Recorder app