Best Available Apps for Android Wear 2.0

Before starting off about the apps for Android Wear 2.0, let me give an introduction to the all new Android Wear OS version 2.0. Its a complete redesign of Google’s Wearable OS and includes many new features like it can work standalone without any connection with the phone. In fact users can directly install apps from Play Store directly to the watch.

Apps for Android Wear 2.0
Apps for Android Wear 2.0

To know even more about this wearable operating system, checkout the features LG and Google has put together.

As soon has Google has launched the update, app developers had started working to lure the features of the wearable platform to make the app interactive and usable. As of now, there are some apps available to download which we have listed as Best Available Apps for Android Wear 2.0.

Apps for Android Wear 2.0

1. Google Fit


Google has also updated the Fit to lure the features of Android Wear 2.0. the app is perfect for everything from daily step tracking to runs and gym workouts.

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2. Recordr

recordr wear

The Recordr for Android Wear running smart watches makes it super simple to record voice, and when it’s recorded you can keep it on the connected device or instantly transfer it to the watch if you have to share or push to Drive.

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3. Google Keep


The Google Keep app is able to check off boxes faster and is not only great for making productive, it’s a solid reminder system that doesn’t even need a calendar.

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4. Facebook Messenger


Instead of the full Facebook Messenger experience, this watch app displays up just as a notification but lets you do more when replying to people reaching you up on Facebook.

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