Beacon Resources And The Industries They Serve

The accounting recruiters at Beacon Resources mainly serve the middle-market companies making up the Greater Los Angeles Area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Orange County, CA. They specialise in a wide range of industries to better serve those looking to start or change careers. Take a moment to review these industries and determine if Beacon Resources’ accounting recruiters are right for your career needs.


Beacon Resources serves those looking for career opportunities in the aerospace industry. This diverse industry includes jobs related to the research, design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of air and spacecrafts.


Their accounting recruiters place people interested in the automotive industry. They match employees with employers who have job openings in the design and manufacturing aspects of the automotive industry, as well as the marketing sector and more.


Beacon Resources matches employers with the right employees in the entertainment industry, including motion picture, television, music, cable and satellite, and gaming sectors.


Financial industries served by Beacon Resources include banking and insurance. They remain some of the top recruiters for VP finance jobs in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Life Sciences

These esteemed recruiters help candidates find jobs in the life sciences industry, including those working with medical devices, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

Additional Industries

Additional industries served by Beacon Resources include agriculture, apparel, business services, energy, consumer packaged goods, engineering, Fintech, hardware, healthcare, retail, real estate, manufacturing, SAAS, technology, and software. These recruiters help employers fine-tune their initial requests to ensure the candidates they provide are the best people for the jobs.

These recruiters subsequently discuss any unique skills the employers are looking for, as well as roles and responsibilities. They also keep the employers’ “corporate cultures” in mind when placing candidates. All potential employees are carefully screened before being placed.

Is Beacon Resources the best solution for your employee needs? Learn more about financial analyst jobs in Chicago today.