Android vs iOS devices: Which One to buy? I Support Android

Are you ‘Confused’ whether to go for an iOS device or Android device? Well, I would suggest you go for an Android device. And why to choose Android devices over iOS devices which is one of the leading companies in the present era of smartphones. So, here in the post, you will find the reason for that.

Apple modelsAndroid vs iOS devices: Which one to buy in the first place?

samsung galaxy a7

Price of the devices

Android smartphones start from a low budget to high budget, as per your needs, but an iOS device provides only high budget smartphones. As per your usage and budget you can select Android smartphones but you will not be able to buy an iOS smartphone within any budget.


This is one of the key points why you should opt an Android device instead of an iOS device. Android platform always provides a customizable platform, like you can use alternative keyboard, Custom ROM installation, live wallpapers and a lot more, whereas iOS devices are not customizable, the company no doubt provides amazing software and hardware experience but you cannot experiment on the device, you will have to use only the default apps, which sometimes feels boring to use.

Moto X unlocked

Some of the Android platform smartphones companies like Motorola provide a variety of replaceable back cover to choose from, but this is not a valid reason because Apple provides a really classy and attractive design of smartphones, the only thing is it can’t be customized. And Android Smartphone Company like LG provides a hardware customization too with its amazing accessories.


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Android Widgets
Android vs iOS devices

This is a feature which you can find it on iOS devices, but it is limited can be used only to view notifications, you will have to use only the static rows icons pattern on the device. But on Android device, you can choose various widgets and you can set them on to your home screen to avoid visiting apps every time to get a glimpse of information.

Multi- tasking


I can’t deny saying that iOS provides better level multitasking compared to Android devices. But it doesn’t mean Android platform lags very behind, it also provides an average multitasking ability like, for example, Samsung provided a multi-window option, wherein you can view multiple applications at once.

Free apps

Android Apps

This is a region where Android will clean bowled the iOS device because the Google play store provides a plenty of free games and application which Apple store won’t provide. Sometimes the Apple store apps can be found on the Google store for free, but they are not actually free for the actual Apple users, isn’t that sounds funny. In this sector, Android has a big impact to dominate the iOS.

Google Integration
Google Apps and Services
Android vs iOS devices

Google services on Android platform come preloaded, but iOS devices have allowed the Google services on their smartphones but they don’t come preloaded. There are a lot of Google services like; Google Maps, Google Music, Google Drive, Gmail and a lot more which are so important in the day to day life without which it is very difficult to manage. But the iOS platforms are not actually served by these Google services properly.

The updated version of Google Now is much better the Siri of iOS device. Google Now can be easily operated on a good enough internet speed, but the Siri needs a very high-speed internet to operate. Google Now provides a digital assistance and other plenty of options like; male and female voice variants and a huge range of different languages.

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Android vs iOS devices: Which One to buy? I Support Android

Finally, I would like to say Apple provides a really amazing user experience but the price range of the device is very high and which is not affordable by all. Also, if your budget is high companies like Samsung, Motorola, LG also provides high-end smartphones, as ‘Apple’ produces, along with all the advantages listed above. So, this is the main reason why i suggest you to go for an Android device.