Amazon Echo Dot Review – A Tiny Smart Speaker with a Huge Potential

When Amazon Echo was released for the first time in 2014, it became an instant hit. Amazon has been working on this smart speaker for a long time and it turned out that the device not only met but exceeded users expectations.

The only downside for some users was the size of this useful and attractive gadget – it was 23.5 cm (9.25 inches) tall. This is the reason why Amazon decided to develop another, a smaller device which is now known as Amazon Echo Dot.

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What exactly is Amazon Echo Dot?

According to many experts, smart AI assistants will become more popular in the near future because they make every home a more comfortable and enjoyable place. All it takes is to say a command aloud and request some basic information and your AI assistant will help you right away. This is what Amazon Echo is all about.

amazon echo dot

An improved version of Amazon Echo

On the other hand, Amazon Echo Dot comes with the most useful features found in its larger “brother”, but the size is smaller and the price is lower. In addition, it seems that the designer team at Amazon has noticed some of the things that were missing in the original Amazon Echo and added them to the Dot like the 3.5mm output and the latest Bluetooth technology. Literally, every household can benefit from a device like this!

Appearance and Style: a modern appearance and design that fits everywhere

A hockey puck is the first thing that comes to people’s mind when they see the Echo Dot for the first time. This is a short and round device which can blend in any space.

Amazon Echo Dot is 1.5 inches tall which is almost 8 inches less compared to Amazon Echo. The difference is that the Dot doesn’t have a speaker, but the fact is that only a small number of people will need this feature. There are many people that don’t want to use a device like this for listening to music and some of them have speakers which they can connect to the device itself.

Truth be told, there is a tiny speaker inside the Echo Dot, but the only reason why this speaker is there is to allow users two-way communication with Alexa (the popular voice assistant). In order to listen to Alexa, you can use the 3.5mm outputs and the latest Bluetooth technology. In other words, you can connect and interact with Alexa through the vast majority of sound systems.

The visual appearance of Alexa Echo Dot is related to the smaller size and the additional audio outputs which make it look compact and modern. The beautiful glossy coating turns Echo Dot into a beautiful decoration that you can place anywhere in your home.

Features: using the best from the original Amazon Echo and more

No matter what kind of product you are looking to buy, it is crucial to learn more about its features. This is the most relevant thing when assessing the value of some product.

Provides more space and exceptional music performance

As previously mentioned, Amazon Echo Dot is able to provide great external music performance and since it’s small it will save you some space too. But, these are not the only useful features of this device.

Ultimate voice control for timely and accurate information

Most users are impressed by the stable, reliable voice control that Echo Dot offers. The gadget is always listening. The only thing that you can do to stop it is to activate the mute button. Users are free to select the prompt word (typically it’s Echo) which will activate the device and they can start providing commands.

For instance, you can use Amazon Echo Dot to get some basic info by asking” Echo, what time is it in New York City right now?” and you’ll get an instant answer like this “Right now, in New York City, it’s 3:15 pm”. So, we can freely say that Echo Dot is the most convenient search engine. Additionally, people use this device to control their music, order food or even regulate lights in their home. Once again, they can do all these things by talking to the device.

Using more than one Echo Dot without any hassles

Another great feature which was introduced with the Echo Dot is the ESP or Echo Spatial Perception. If you have more than one Echo unit in your home, only the one that is closest to you will respond to your requests. This is one of the reasons why they call them smart devices. You can check this by placing two devices in one room. One of them should be closer to you. Only the latter will answer your questions and requests.

Streaming music from popular platforms

As we said before, the list of features is quite long for a small device like this. For instance, you can stream music from Pandora, Amazon Prime and Spotify Premium. Echo Dot can easily connect to their music libraries. It can even provide access to podcasts and Internet radio from iHeartRadio and TuneIn. Since this is an Amazon product it’s quite logical that the Dot allows audiobook playback from the Kindle Store.

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Amazon Echo Dot

Other useful and interesting features from Echo Dot 

Another interesting feature that many people like is the opportunity to select certain news sources and ask Echo Dot to provide quick briefing related to the top headlines provided by these sources. You can use this feature to stay informed regularly from your favorite sources while you are getting prepared for work.

Amazon Echo Dot supports smart homes too through its native controls which allow easy and simple management of smart hubs, lights, switches and even smart thermostats.

If you are having a bad day, Echo Dot is here to cheer you up by telling jokes, stating fun facts and arranging quizzes.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that holders of Amazon Prime accounts can also shop by voice. This is a brand new experience that many users find attractive.

The quality of sound: great for communication

Let’s be clear – the tiny speaker in Echo Dot cannot be compared to the regular speaker found in Amazon Echo. However, it does the job quite well. You can talk to Alexa from a relatively large distance and you can hear her answers clearly too.

This might not be the best device for playing music because the sound is not perfect for this purpose. If you want to enjoy music via Echo Dot, use a 3.5mm cable or simply establish a Bluetooth connection. For the best experience, connect your cable to a stereo amplifier. After that, connect the stereo amplifier to hi-fi speakers. You can also connect your Amazon Echo dot with an audio-video receiver that supports Bluetooth technology.

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Conclusion: Should you buy Amazon Dot Echo?

After the initial success of Amazon Echo, Amazon has surprised its fans with another version of this smart home assistant – the Echo Dot. Experts agree that Echo Dot is much better compared to the Echo. It has many different useful features and it costs significantly less.

Amazon Echo Dot provides the best results when it’s used as an assistant even though with small modifications you can use it as a powerful music player. The sound quality is remarkable when it’s used with the help of a 3.5mm cable or Bluetooth.

Overall, this is an interesting device that every tech fan should have in their home.

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