20+ Best Cydia apps for iOS 8.1.x, latest Jailbreak tweaks

No doubt, every time with iOS update Apple intrude something new that helps users to the hardware packed with the device in a better way but compared to Android it is far less. Apple has put many restrictions on installing apps and there is almost now access to customize the IOS very much. Thanks to Jailbreaking, that allow users to install some feature-filled apps on your iPhone or iPad. Cydia is nothing but an app store that is only accessible to those iDevices who have jailbroken the device. If you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad and installed Cydia and wrecking your head to get the best Cydia apps for iOS 8.1.x running device then you might look at this post as a reference where we have listed 20+ best and latest Jailbreak Cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPads.

As I mentioned earlier, you must have jailbroken device to avail the Cydia tweaks and apps on your iDevice, so I’d suggest you to first go through this link to jailbreak your device.

20+ Best Cydia apps for iOS 8.1.x, latest Jailbreak tweaks


This tweak is for those who love the Notification Center the most among all newly added features to iOS 8 as IntelliScreenX improves the Notification Center and adds extra features over a normal one. The app makes reading messages and other notifications very easy and eye-catching. It allows you set up pages for your Facebook, Twitter account, and Mail. By installing this tweak on your iDevice via Cydia, you will be able to add the notification center to the lock screen of your device.


Using this tweak you can set a custom gesture to open the tweak of your preference such as change songs, turn on/off Bluetooth, lock screen, adjust your brightness, etc. It makes much easier to operate the device running iOS 8.

SB Settings

SB Settings is one of the older and popular Cydia tweaks that supports almost all iOS versions. It helps your iOS device work faster by placing short-cut icons for your frequently used settings such as 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Brightness adjustment etc.

Air Blue Sharing

The AirBlue Sharing is one of the coolest Cydia tweak that works very good on any iPhone variant available in the market, in fact, the tweak is mostly supportable on iPhone not much popular among iPad users. The tweak offers inbuilt Bluetooth pairing, high-speed file transfer, Wi-Fi sharing, and much more which can be done with Bluetooth technology at a higher speed.

Bite SMS

Are you can SMS freak? if yes then you will love this tweak for sure. The tweak contains a lot of interesting and useful features for texting through your device. The feature list includes Templates management, Scheduled SMS, Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Passcode Lock, add Signatures to your SMS, and many more other SMS related features.


The iFile is a superb file-explorer Cydia app available for your iOS Device. It offers you access and edits any file on your device without leaving the app itself. But before editing any file you must be careful as it may cause any problem to your device, means you need to be careful that the file you are opening is in known file format or not. You can view the file-system with file details such as permissions and more file related details.


The RecognizeMe is a powerful security Cydia tweak that uses biometric security to protect your iOS Device. So you don’t have to use or remember the digital passcode you have saved on your device or use to open the device, instead you have to go through the facial recognition which I think a very secure way to protect your device to be used by any other person. The RecognizeMe first captures your photo and matches it every time you want to open the device.


The Zephyr is a very funky tweak which enables the multitasking bar by simply swiping up the screen from the bottom to the top. In addition, you can switch between different apps by just sliding the screen from left to right or right to left. It has also so many gestures control fall under its features such as swipe up to close application etc.

Other best Cydia tweaks you can try on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 8.1.x

  • AnimateAll: animated boot logos on Lock and Home screens ($1.99)
  • CallShortcut: easily call people directly from the Home screen (free)
  • Sesame: bypass the passcode if your Pebble is in range ($0.99)
  • Spectral: brings blurred album artworks to the Lock screen while music is playing (free)
  • TimePasscode: set a password based on the current time (free)
  • Acapella: a gesture-based tweak to control your Music ($1.99)
  • iCleaner: removes unnecessary files from your device (free)
  • MiniPlayer: it’s like iTunes mini player, but for iOS ($1.99)
  • AirPlay Enabler: always show the AirPlay button in Control Center (free)
  • FaceBOpenIN: share Facebook photos in other apps (free)
  • FBCopyTXT: copy text in Facebook app (free)
  • LockSmoother: customize the look of your Lock screen (free)
  • NoAudioRecorder: removes the recording button from Messages app (free)
  • Transference: reorder the different sections in the Settings app (free)
  • UnderFace: a variety of security and privacy enhancements for Facebook ($1)