12 Free Apps That Help You Make Money in 2017

This article is a list of Smartphone apps that allow you to make cash relatively easily. The cash is not huge and is subject to the law of diminishing returns (the more time you put in the less the increase in money). A few of these are extremely well reviewed while others are plagued by user complaints. Several apps reward users with gift cards and not straight cash.

1. Get paid for searching the internet (sign up to get 5 dollars)


The app is called InboxDollars. All you have to do to earn money is run searches with their search engine.

The task is as easy as the pay is meager. For the initial five searches you get paid one penny. Then you only get one penny for two searches. You are able to earn only 15 pennies every day with the search engine task.

The bonus is that when you sign up you get 5 dollars.

2. Get paid to give away your phones information

Smart Panel

The app is named Smart Panel.

All you have to do is download their app. The catch is that they gather all your data. It is basic stuff: time spent on Facebook, your favorite YouTube videos, frequency of your email checking. However, it is all anonymous. The information becomes nameless statistics. Verto Analytics runs the operation.

Go to the site (cannot get this at the Apple or Android store). The download is free. You get paid 5 dollars for the download, actually. After two weeks you get 10 dollars more. Then you get 5 dollars every month.

The rewards are redeemed through Amazon with gift cards or Paypal.

3. Get paid to sell your shopping history on Amazon


The app is called ShopTracker.

Basically, this app tracks your activity on Amazon. All personal information is stripped before the data collected by the app. It is not worth your time if you do not use Amazon regularly

You get a 3-dollar Visa gift card when you download, after two days. Every month after that, when you share your history of purchases you receive 3 dollars.

4. Get paid to fill out surveys


The app is called Swagbucks.

All you have to do is answer really simple questions. Compare sodas. Report on the movies you’ve been watching. Things of that nature. It is a very well reviewed company. Currently, it has the A+ rating from the Bureau of Better Business.

The usual rate is about 5 dollars for every 30 minutes spent answering questions.

5. Get paid to walk and shop


The app is called Shopkick.

Essentially, you get paid to walk around specific stores. Almost all the big brand stores participate. You can get bonus points for scanning new items, or inviting people to join the app. You can connect a debit or credit card and earn many more Kicks by purchasing with that card.

On average, you will only make 40 cents per store you visit. This one requires a deal more effort than the others. However, if you find yourself in a mall with some time to kill, this app is the way to go.

6. Get paid to download this app


The app is called Stash.

It functions as an easy-to-use investing app. Purportedly, this app is easy to use.

The free money comes with the download. 5 dollars for merely putting the app on the phone. It is difficult, however, to take the money out of the app.

The app itself is simplifies investing into the stock market. You merely select a set of portfolios that you like and let the app do the rest.

7. Get paid to trade old electronics


The app is called Decluttr.

Decluttr takes all your old Dvds and CDs. It takes videogames and blu-rays. Cellphones and tablets, iPods and game consoles are also taken. All you have to do is scan the barcode of each item. The purchase prices range from 50 cents all the way to 3 dollars, for each item. The shipping is free; they send boxes with labels. Zero hassle.

8. Get paid to trade old textbooks


The app is called Bookscouter.

This app finds the highest possible price for college level textbooks. It is much more convenient than Amazon or Ebay.

The prices, as one can imagine, vary a great deal. All that is required is typing in the ISBN of each textbook you want to sell. Additionally, nearly all the companies that buy the textbooks cover the cost of shipping. There is, however, a minimum buyback threshold of 50 dollars, so you’ll need to sell a bundle of old books in order to use this site.

9. Get paid for trivia quizzes

woman relaxing online

The app is called QuizXT.

Basically, you get paid for taking surveys that are formatted like quiz games. The subjects range from sports to movies to history.

The rates for this one are low and the reviews are very poor. Lots of technical issues and lots of issues with getting paid. The app pays through Paypal.

10. Get paid for surveys and gathering information

street mission

The app is called QuickThoughts.

There are two ways to earn money with this app. The first and simpler method is simply taking surveys, with rates comparable to the other apps on this list. The second is completing various information gathering tasks.

Using the location services of your phone, the app directs you to find out if their are long lines at nearby restaurants, if the nearby CVS is clean. The missions can sometimes be accepted and completed later. These missions provide businesses with important information.

The pay for this app is decent. The rates vary to such a degree that it is pointless to list them. This app pays in giftcards for iTunes and Amazon.

11. Get paid to tell your opinions


The app is named i-Say.

This is a basic survey app. Some surveys will be worth 95 dollars occasionally. Usually, a survey pays a dollar or two. The average time is 10 or 16 minutes.

This app is run by Ipsos Panel, it conducts a great number of political surveys. All the reward points from i-Say are redeemable at Paypal for cash or Amazon and iTunes for gift cards. With Paypal, 1,000 points exchanges for 10 dollars.

12. Get paid to deliver meals


The app is called UberEATS.

It is essentially delivering fast food for people. It is possible to perform this task while running some errands of your own.

The pay for this is extremely various, but you can expect to more than cover the cost of gas. Comparable systems have earned some of my friends hundreds of dollars in just a couple weeks.

There are several requirements. 19 is the minimum age. A minimum of 1 year driving. Must have license to drive, vehicle registration and insurance. You have to able to pick up 30 pounds.

You can deliver using a bicycle too.